The Benefits of Regular Dog Grooming

Regular dog grooming should be carried out at home on a daily/weekly basis

It is a pet owner’s responsibility to maintain good skin and coat condition for their pet. One of the five animal welfare needs as stated in the Animal Welfare Act 2006 is " the need to be protected from pain, suffering, injury and disease". This includes regular brushing and combing to prevent your dog from becoming matted, which could lead to pain, suffering and disease from the mats; in worse cases dogs have had limbs removed from serious matting . The comb should be able to run freely through the coat.

Regular Grooming:

With regular grooming either at home or in a salon the coat should always be matt free. Most dog parents think that brushing their dog with a brush is sufficient, however after brushing you should comb through to make sure the comb runs through the coat without snagging. The matts generally form at the base of the fur, next to the skin which a brush will just 'run over', hence, owners think they are brushed. Regular grooming will promote the following advantages for your fur baby.

  • Stimulates the skin and promotes good blood circulation
  • Aerates the coat and ensures healthy growth
  • Brushes away cast and loose hairs, dander and grass seeds
  • Avoids knots and mats from forming
  • Creates good bonding time with you and your pet also reducing stress when salon grooming is required
  • Increases the joy of being handled for your pet
  • Is an ideal time for a health check and to get to know your pet better
  • An ideal time to inspect for any parasites in your dogs coat, skin or ears
  • Minimises additional vet and grooming fees

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Not Grooming Your Pet Can Cause:

If you chose not to groom your dog it can cause a dull or greasy coat which leads to itching. Shedding hair will mean more loose hair around your home. It can also cause the following:

  • Knots and matts in the coat
  • Grass seeds which can enter the dogs skin and cause internal damage
  • Dogs can get stressed and aggressive when grooming time comes around
  • Parasites and fungus can live undetected in your pets’ coat and ears causing infections, pain and distress
  • Increases your vet and grooming fees

Many pet owners don't realise how much grooming is a vital part of owning a dog when they buy or rescue their four legged friend. In the days when dogs were feral, pack animals they would groom themselves from the environment they were in e.g. rubbing themselves in dirt or brushing themselves when passing through bushes. Now that the dog has become our family pet, they are unable to do this and it is up to their humans to do it for them.