Welcome to Bloomingtails Grooming

My name is Julie and I'm a Grooming Stylist at Bloomingtails Grooming. I have had dogs in my family since I was born and they have always been a big part of my family life. I desperately wanted one of my own but working full time in the City I wasn't able to dedicate the time a dog needs. This all changed when I was made redundant. I now have a little Cavapoo called Evie. After having German Shepherds while I was growing up, little Evie has shown me just how much grooming dogs of her ilk really need. I used to take her to a grooming salon every 8 weeks and wonder why it took so long until I could pick her up again. I wasn't very keen on the holding cages either. I decided that rather than going back into office work I would change career and become a Dog Groomer. I am the type of person that if I do something I must do it to the best of my ability and after looking into the profession which isn't regulated, meaning anyone can call themselves a Dog Groomer, I came across The London School of Pet Grooming who are City & Guilds accredited and train potential Groomers up to a Level 3 Diploma standard. This training opened my eyes to just how much work goes into grooming and styling a dog! and to top it off I love the work, there is never a dull moment and everyday is different.
Starting Bloomingtails Grooming means that I can do what I love everyday and know that I am fully trained to style your dog with confidence.
Leaving your pet with me means that you are leaving him in the best trained hands.  

  • I only use natural shampoos and conditioners which are free from harsh chemicals, cruelty free and ethically endorsed
  • I do not use holding cages or crates
  • I do not use drying cabinets
  • Water is always available for your dog
  • Natural treats are on hand to make your pets stay even more enjoyable
  • I talk to your dog from start to finish, putting him/her at ease throughout the groom
  • I have a clean, comfortable and washable dog bed for your dog to relax on while he is waiting for you to pick him up
  • Grooms take place in the comfort of my home

I look forward to meeting you and your four legged friend!